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TOPP Jack Timber Pile Splice


Finally, there is a way to place a bridge jack atop a timber pile. This patented process requires our proprietary TOPP Machine for planing the first 5 inches of the pile into a perfect cylinder with a flat butt end. Next, a custom made galvanized structural steel cap with special clamps is installed using a combination of thru bolting, lag screws and epoxy resin. Several sizes of bridge and shoring jacks are available from third party venders.

TOPP Machine Timber Pile Splice

TOPP Machine

This machine is the World’s first timber pile planing machine. Planing the ends of timber piles to receive structural steel sleeves and accessories is now possible. The machine comes with a Milwaukee drill press modified to work with our system. It is shipped in two crates which double as tool / storage boxes.

TOPP Steel Girder Timber Pile Splice

TOPP Steel Girder

The TOPP Steel Girder accessory allows installation of steel I beams on timber piles. In the past, fastening a steel beam to a timber was impractical because of the difficulty making a reliable connection. The TOPP Steel Girder connector allows spanning between piles which is especially useful when jacking a structure at several different points.

The TOPP Machine

This four minute video was made during the second trial of the machine. Our machine designer used three carbide cutters designed to cut steel and one proprietary blade for planing the pile top flat. We have since made several improvements to the machine, including three additional blades to handle planing piles larger in diameter than 10 inches. The Machine planes the pile smoothly, even thought it is not fastened to the shop floor.

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