TOPP Structural Steel Sleeve

Structural Steel Sleeves are 0.395″ x 9.5″ x 16″. They can be finished using several coatings, including hot dipped galvanizing. These connectors are useful in joining nominal 10″ timber piles when piles need to be extended or repaired. A combination of steel rebar, bolts and lag screws, plus epoxy resin, can be used to make strong timber pile splices using these sleeves.

TOPP Marine Caps

TOPP Marine Caps are used in conjunction with the TOPP Machine to add decorative and protective caps to marine pilings. The caps are hot dipped galvanized, and chain can be strung from pile to pile providing a great looking railing on docks and decks.

TOPP Cap Girder Connector

This connector provides a better method of connecting wooden girders to timber piles than the old fashioned chainsaw notching technique. TOPP Cap Girder Connectors allow the load to be centered on the pile rather than bolted from the side as in the “notching ” method.

Hi TOPP Shoe

This fitting is useful for adding a structural steel foot to a timber pile when fastening to a pier footing or concrete slab. A self draining design is available for outdoor applications.

TOPP Sleeves With Flanges

These specialized sleeves are necessary for cross bracing when using the TOPP System to repair infrastructure such as bridges.

TOPP Hat Girder Connector

TOPP Hat Girder Connectors are similar to our TOPP Cap Girder Connectors, but allow for attachment of larger wooden girders. Girders up to 10″ in thickness can be attached to piles using these connectors.

12 Inch Cutter

12 Inch cutter blade designed to cut steel and plane the pile top flat. Our standard cutter head is designed to plane nominal 10 inch timber piles. 8 inch and 12 inch cutter heads are available on special order.


Swing Clamp

We also manufacture a special swing clamp designed to mount on a telehandler or fork lift. Our clamp is useful when working on pile and pipe segments or planing a timber pile with our TOPP Machine.  It acts as a vise and provides a way to move heavy sections of pipe or piling around a job site in a vertical position.


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